We’ve all been there. You have six friends coming to stay with you this weekend in your match box sized apartment, it’s only Thursday but you feel like this week has been a month long, and you made the mistake of looking at your bank account before you’ve even had your coffee. You need a drink.

Once your friends get in, you suggest going to the bar across the street. Katherine needs to go to a bar that sells food, Tess wants a dance floor, Sam wants an elaborate instagramable drink. So what do you do? First off, you’ve got this, deep breath. Second, go open up Outro. Here’s 5 ways Outro just made going out better for everyone.



We redefined the rating and review system because the other ones are, well, lame. After polling 1 million women around the World, we were able to find out exactly what actually mattered to millennials when they are going to bars and clubs. Shockingly safety is more important than how fast bar food comes out. Just kidding, that’s not shocking. What is shocking is the fact that other rating apps and sites seem to be prioritizing all the wrong things.

What else is shocking? The leading rating and review sites are taking down reviews that talk about issues like sexual assault, being roofied, and other major issues within the nightlife community. How are users supposed to hold spaces accountable for the things done within them if they can’t tell others about it? Outro’s different. We think it’s important that you are given honest information and see other users real feadback about the spaces they love and the ones they don’t.



No two people have the same idea of a perfect night out, that’s why we created Buzzwords, a totally new search tool catered towards a millennial market. Buzzwords help users find their perfect night out, whether that means searching for a club with a swimming pool, a bathroom attendant, or somewhere incredibly diverse. We use Buzzwords to make sure that our app can cater to everyone's different ideas of a night out.

In fact, my co-founder and I don’t even have the same idea of a perfect night out. Sarah hates lines and dirty bathrooms but thrives doing karaoke, oh, and don’t even suggest a bar to her if there is a rude bouncer. That’s why Sarah uses Buzzwords to filter bars to make sure they check all of her boxes. When Sarah goes to a place with an attentive bouncer it makes her feel more comfortable in that space. I’d drink to that!

Buzzwords are decided by real users, not the bars. This means these are things people are actually saying about the space. Whether it’s Insta Worthy, LGBTQ, or Inclusive, Buzzwords allow users to find their perfect night out.



Outro just got physical! Outro logos can be found on the doors of highly rated Outro bars around NYC that agree with Outro’s mission to make going out safer and more empowering for everyone. This takes Outro from the phone screen to streets to make sure these bars are accountable for the things that happen within them. Next time you walk down the street and see a little pink moon, think of it as that bar holding itself accountable for the things that happen inside.



You know that feeling when you're out with a bunch of girlfriends and you're standing outside of a few bars and no one can decide which to go into or if someone should just call an Uber? Same. Opening Outro you’re immediately brought to the map screen where you can basically peak inside all of the bars in that neighborhood without having to wait in the lines or risk going somewhere creepy.

You can also filter right there on the map screen to find bars nearby based on Buzzwords. Let's say you want to walk somewhere to play a little pool or somewhere with a dance floor, Outro will show you the bars closest that has those things. So cancel the Uber, and head to that 5.0 rated Outro bar across the street.



One of the most fascinating things I noticed when my co-founder Sarah and I decided to create Outro was that people didn’t know that they even had a voice in nightlife. For way too long, women, people of color and the LGBT+ community have felt helpless in too many nightlife situations. Outro introduces a conversation that needs to be had among friends, in relationships, and especially among the bars and the customers about expectations and priorities in nightlife spaces. Going out should be empowering. Outro gives the users the tools to encourage the best possible night out. Enough sketchy bars and dark corners, all you should have to worry about is what shoes to wear, let us do the rest.

Kiley Leff